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We're in business to bridge the gap between security and development teams, one DevSecOps project at a time!

Application security is a hot potato...

Software development moves at unprecedented speed and complexity, yet…

🚨Developers are not trained in security at school.

🚨Security professionals lack development expertise.

🚨If you’re lucky, you have one application security expert for every 100 Devs and 10 Ops.

Building bridges between your IT teams through DevSecOps!

✅ DevSecOps empowers and helps transform your development teams into security allies.

✅ It enables the predictable integration of security into your DevOps practices.

🛑 Say goodbye to long lists of vague requirements and tedious theoretical training..

🛑 No more stressful last-minute surprises right before critical deployments!

To protect our modern applications, security and development teams must collaborate better. We're here to help you build these bridges.

• Meet our TEAM

Vincent Goulet

Founder and President

Back in 2010, when I started in cybersecurity, I noticed a lack of collaboration between the security and development teams. Application security was often neglected and relegated to the end of projects…


Today, with the speed of development and the constant evolution of threats, this situation is unacceptable. Security must be an integral part of development practices.


In 2020, I founded Sonder to address this problem and since, we have been guiding major public organizations in their DevSecOps transformation. The results are there: DevSecOps is THE solution to bridge the gap between teams.


Join us in creating a safer future for all, one DevSecOps project at a time!

Philippe marcoux


Over the past twenty years, I have personally supported dozens of development teams in securing their applications. Despite my best intentions, I felt that something was missing, without being able to identify it precisely.

This is where DevSecOps comes in! This approach offers new practices that are fully aligned with the realities of modern development.


This discovery was a revelation for me, and I joined Vincent in the adventure of promoting and implementing DevSecOps for our clients.

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