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Start writing secure code in 30 days!

Equip your DevOps teams to detect and fix security vulnerabilities in their code fast.

Half of all breaches are the result of application hacking...

Shockingly, 74% of applications remain vulnerable!

Prevent critical vulnerabilities in your code BEFORE deploying to production.

Detect and fix vulnerabilities that cannot be found through penetration testing.

Have a clear picture of your application risks at all times.

A turnkey package designed for rapid adoption!

With Sonder Scan, you get it all—the tool, implementation, training, and personalized support—for a successful adoption.

We integrate the best DevSecOps tools on the market.

Our goal is to make your DevOps teams autonomous.

Save Time

Start writing secure code in 30 days with our proven method adopted by large organizations.

Keep Your Energy

Keep your teams engaged at all times with our personalized guidance.

Become Autonomous

Sonder Scan integrates smoothly into your DevOps team's workflow for simplified adoption.

Stay Zen!

Stay calm during your next Log4j incident with accurate data on your risk level.

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Your partner to succeed in your DevSecOps project

With Sonder Scan, stop wasting time wondering where to start your DevSecOps project.


Be supported by a team of experts capable of transforming your DevOps teams into security allies fast.

Our method adapts to your needs and ensures long-term adoption.


Join the ranks of several large public organizations

Let us guide you towards success!

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  • Automatically create an inventory of the Open Source libraries you use in your applications (SBOM—Software Bill of Material).
  • Manage your risk associated with Open Source code suppliers and quickly detect any vulnerable libraries with SCA—Software Composition Analysis tools.
  • Stay calm during your next Log4j incident!
  • Detect up to 95% of major programming errors with SAST—Static Application Security Testing tools.
  • Enable your Devs to quickly fix code containing hardcoded secrets, Cross-Site Scripting vulnerabilities, and SQL Injections.
  • Provide real-time training to your Devs through the built-in tutorials in the tool.
  • Equip your Ops with an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) code scanning tool and reduce errors in your cloud configs by 70%!
  • Deploy robust cloud infrastructures that comply with your security policy.
  • Automatically detect drifts in your cloud configs deployed in production.

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